ARC-Change bio-economic workshop at NHH

REGIMES researchers, Yajie Liu and Dorothy Dankel participated October 18-19th at the bio-economic modelling workshop hosted by Sturla Kvamsdal and the ARC-Change project.

Yajie presents her modelling work in WP1 at NHH

Dorothy gave a 30 minute introduction and overview of the REGIMES project while Yajie used the next half-hour to explain the REGIMES adaptations to the Cheung and Lam et al. Dynamic Bioclimatic Envelope Model (DBEM) that we apply for the Norwegian and Barents Sea fisheries.

The workshop was attended by Norwegian, Japanese, German and American professors and several post-docs and PhD candidates from the Norwegian Business School (Norges Handelshøyskole, NHH). The follow-up plan is for ARC-Change and REGIMES to write a synthesis paper together on bio-economic modelling under climate change.

Yajie and Dorothy reflecting on new feedback and new perspectives at NHH!

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